2015 March
Searched for two plants of S.ghorepani. Only one found in Europe. More may be available in 2016.
2015 December.
Managed to purchase a single plant of Sarcococca  ‘ghorepani’ from Potter and Plant. This now makes three plants in the group. All very small but growing well.
2015 December
Cuttings of S. Sarsid 2 obtained from Holland three years ago are slowly dying. Little growth appeared on two cuttings but the others are slowly dying. They are losing their leaves and the root tips are dying.
2017 July
I have managed to rescue one of the S. sarsid 2 plants and it is growing in my green house. The others were killed by phytophthora in my dirty water supply.
2018 Jan.
No change, Trying to obtain new propagating material from America.

April 2019

At last managed to buy plants of Sarcococca of Sarsid. Now known as S.’ Fragrant Valley’ and ‘Fragrant Mountain’. Bought from Crocus.co.uk, They look good quality and well grown. No restrictions on propagation.